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D. Kim et al., 
Optimal Bilayer Composites for Temperature-tracking Wireless Electronics
nanoscale, online published. (2024)

J. Chae et al., 

Silk fibroin, sericin and conductive silk composites for skin-attacheable transient electronics
ACS Applied Electronic Materials, accepted. (2024)

D. Kim et al., 

Squid-inspired and wirelessly controllable display for active camouflage in aquatic-environment
npj Flexible Electronics, accepted (2024)

Y. Park et al., 
Soft, full wheatstone bridge 3D pressure sensors for cardiovascular monitoring
npj Flexible Electronics, 8, 6 (2024)

H. Jung et al., 

Improved frequency performance in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on Si using hydrogen silsesquioxane-assisted gate 
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 170, 107985 (2024)

 D. Kim et al.,
Highly reliable 3D channel memory and its application in a neuromorphic sensory system for hand gesture recognition
ACS nano, 17, 24826 (2023)

Roh. Y. et al.,
Crumple-recoverable electronics based on plastic to elastic deformation transitions.
Nature Electronics, 7, 66 (2023)

J. Kim et al., 
Utilization of artifact and noise affected electrocardiogram for simultaneous heart rate computation and motion type inference
IEEE Sensors Conference, Vienna, Austria (2023)

G. Lee et al., 
Implantable, bioresorbable radio frequency resonant circuits for magnetic resonance imaging 
Advanced Science, 2301232 (2023)

M. Sang et al., 
Fluorescent-based biodegradable microneedle sensor array for tether-free continuous glucose monitoring with smartphone appliation
Sciene advances 9, eadh1765 (2023)

J. Lee et al., 
Ultrathin crystalline silicon nano and micro membranes with high areal density for low cost flexible electronics
Small, 2302597 (2023)

W. Ouyang et al., 
A wireless and battery-less implant for multimodal closed-loop neuromodulation in small animals
Nature Biomedical Engineering, 7, 1252 (2023)

W. Kim et al., 

Flexible and stretchable piezoresistive sensor with decoupled pressure sensing capability
Advanced Materials Technology, 2300068 (2023)

J. H. Lee et al., 
Marangoni Flow Driven via Hole Structure of Soluble Acene–Polymer Blends for Selective Nitrogen Dioxide Sensin
Advanced Functional Materials, 2215215 (2023)

K. Kwon et al., 
A battery-less wireless implant for the continuous monitoring of vascular pressure, flow rate and temperature 
Nature Biomedical Engineering, 7, 1215 (2023)

S. M. Won et al., 

Wireless and battery-free technologies for neuroengineering
Nature Biomedical Engineering, 7, 405-423 (2023)

D. Biswas et al.,
Micro-ultrasonic assessment of early stage clot formation and whole blood coagulation using an all-optical ultrasound 

ACS sensors, 7, 2940 (2022)

C. Noh et al.,
Vertical gate all around device architecture to improve the device performance for sub 5 nm technology
Micromachines, 13, 1551 (2022)

C. So et al., 
Epidermal piezoresistive structure with deep learning-assisted data translation 
npj Flexible Electronics, 6, 70 (2022)

M. A. Abbasi et al., 
Strain-dependent photoacoustic characteristics of free-standing carbon nanocomposite transmitters 
Sensors, 22, 3432 (2022)

D. Lim et al., 
Functional encapsulating structure for wireless and immediate monitoring of the fluid penetration 
Advanced Functional Materials, 2201854 (2022)

S. Han et al., 
Study on memory characteristics of fin-shaped feedback field effect transistor
Semiconductor Science and Technology, 37, 065006 (2022)

S. Yu et al., 
Quantitative evaluation of line-edge roughness in various FinFET structures
IEEE Access 10, 26340 (2022)

S. Lee et al., 
Design of JL-CFET-based inverter for low power applications
Semiconductor Science and Technology 37, 035019 (2022)

S. Kim et al., 
In-Depth Study of 3D Color-Resist Coating Process for Optically Uniform Image Sensors
IEEE Access 9, 146525 (2021)

Y. Roh et al., 
Vital signal sensing and manipulation of a microscale organ with a multifunctional soft gripper 
Science Robotics 6, abi6774 (2021)

M. Abbasi et al., 
Variable-focus optoacoustic lens with wide dynamic range and long focal length by using a flexible polymer nano-composite membrane
Ultrasonics 117, 106545 (2021)

P. G. Sang et al., 
Experimental demonstration of a stacked hybrid optoacoustic-piezoelectric transducer for localized heating and enhanced cavitation
Micromachines 12, 1268 (2021)

B. H. Kim et al., 
Three-dimensional electronic microfliers inspired by wind-dispersed seeds
Nature 597, 503-510 (2021)

Y. S. Oh et al., 
Battery-free, wireless soft sensors for continuous multi-site measurements of pressure and temperature from patients at risk for pressure injuries
Nature Communications 12, 1 (2021)

A Burton et al., 
Wireless, battery-free, and fully implantable electrical neurostimulation in freely moving rodents
Microsystems & Nanoengineering 7, 1 (2021)

D. Jung et al., 
A soft pressure sensor array based on a conducting nanomembrane
Micromachines 12, 933 (2021)

E. Song et al., 
Miniaturized electromechanial devices for the chracterization of the biomechanics of deep tissue
Nature Biomedical Engineering, 5, 759 (2121)
X. Yuan et al., 
Mechanics of encapsulated three-dimensional structures for simultaneous sensing of pressure and shear stress
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 151, 104400 (2021)

Y. Park et al., 
Three-dimensional, multifunctional neural interfaces for cortical spheroids and engineered assembloids
Science advances, 7, eabf9153 (2021)

W. Bai et al., 
Bioresorbable multilayer photonic cavities as temporary implants for tether-free measurements of regional tissue temperature
BME Frontiers, 8653218 (2021)

Y. Park et al.,
Wireless, skin-interfaced sensors for compression therapy
Science Advances 6, eabe1655 (2020)

E. Song et al.,
Materials for flexible bioelectronic system as chronic neural interface 
Nature materials 19, 590-603 (2020) 

C.-H. Chiang et al.,
Development of a neural interface for high definition, long-term recording in rodents and nonhuman primates 
Science Translational Medicine 12, eaay4682 (2020)

S. M. Won et al.,
Emerging modalities and implantable technologies for neuromodulation 
Cell 181, 11-135 (2020)

J. Li et al.,
Ultrathin, high capacitance capping layers for silicon electronics with conductive interconnects in flexible, long‐lived bioimplants
Advanced Materials Technologies 5, 1900800 (2020)

S.B. Kim et al.,
Soft, skin-interfaced microfluidic systems with integrated enzymatic assays for measuring the concentration of ammonia and ethanol in sweat
Lab on a Chip 20 (1), 84-92 (2020)

E. Song et al.,
Flexible electronic/optoelectronic microsystems with scalable designs for chronic biointegration
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (31), 15398-15406 (2019)

S. M. Won  et al.,
Multimodal sensing with a three-dimensional piezoresistive structure
ACS nano 13 (10), 10972-10979 (2019)

J. Li  et al., 
Ultrathin, transferred layers of metal silicide as faradaic electrical interfaces and biofluid barriers for flexible bioelectronic implants
ACS nano 13 (1), 660-670 (2019)

A. D. Mickle  et al.,
A wireless closed-loop system for optogenetic peripheral neuromodulation
Nature 565 (7739), 361 (2019)

J. Shin  et al.,
Bioresorbable pressure sensors protected with thermally grown silicon dioxide for the monitoring of chronic diseases and healing processes
Nature biomedical engineering 3 (1), 37-46 (2019)

J. Koo  et al., 
Wireless bioresorbable electronic system enables sustained nonpharmacological neuroregenerative therapy
Nature medicine 24 (12), 1830-1836 (2018)

S. B. Kim  et al.,
Soft, Skin‐Interfaced microfluidic systems with wireless, battery‐free electronics for digital, real‐time tracking of sweat loss ...
Small 14 (45), 1802876 (2018)

B. H. Kim et al., 
Mechanically guided post‐assembly of 3D electronic systems
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (48), 1803149. (2018)

S. M.  Won  et al.,
Natural wax for transient electronics
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (32), 1801819 (2018)

S. M. Won et al., 

Recent advances in materials, devices and systems for neural interfaces
Advanced Materials 20, 1800534 (2018)

K. E. Crawford  et al.,
Advanced approaches for quantitative characterization of thermal transport properties in soft materials using thin, conformable resistive sensors
Extreme Mechanics Letters 22, 27-35 (2018)

B. H. Kim et al.,
Three-dimensional silicon electronic systems fabricated by compressive buckling process
ACS nano 12 (5), 4164-4171 (2018) 

S. Han  et al., 
Battery-free, wireless sensors for full-body pressure and temperature mapping
Science translational medicine 10 (435), eaan4950 (2018)

S. B. Kim  et al.,
Super‐absorbent polymer valves and colorimetric chemistries for time‐sequenced discrete sampling and chloride analysis of sweat ...
Small 14 (12), 1703334 (2018)

Y. R. Jeong  et al.,
A skin-attachable, stretchable integrated system based on liquid GaInSn for wireless human motion monitoring with multi-site sensing capabilities
NPG Asia Materials 9 (10), e443-e443 (2017)

G. Lee  et al., Fully biodegradable microsupercapacitor for power storage in transient electronics
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (18), 1700157 (2017)

B. H. Kim  et al., Dry transient electronic systems by use of materials that sublime
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (12), 1606008 (2017)

H. Fang  et al.,  
Capacitively coupled arrays of multiplexed flexible silicon transistors for long-term cardiac electrophysiology
Nature biomedical engineering 1 (3), 1-12 (2017)

H. Fang  et al., 
Ultrathin, transferred layers of thermally grown silicon dioxide as biofluid barriers for biointegrated flexible electronic systems
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (42), 11682-11687 (2016)

K. J. Yu et al., 
Bioresorbable silicon electronics for transient spatiotemporal mapping of electrical activity from the cerebral cortex
Nature materials 15 (7), 782-791 (2016)

B. H. Kim  et al., 
Multilayer transfer printing for pixelated, multicolor quantum dot light-emitting diodes
ACS nano 10 (5), 4920-4925 (2016)

H. Jang  et al.,
Quantum confinement effects in transferrable silicon nanomembranes and their applications on unusual substrates
Nano letters 13 (11), 5600-5607 (2013)

S. W.  Hwang  et al.,
A physically transient form of silicon electronics
Science 337 (6102), 1640-1644 (2012)

S. M.  Won  et al.,
Piezoresistive strain sensors and multiplexed arrays using assemblies of single-crystalline silicon nanoribbons on plastic substrates
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 58 (11), 4074-4078 (2011)

H. J. Chung et al., 
Electronic Devices on Various Substrates: Fabrication of Releasable Single‐Crystal Silicon–Metal Oxide Field‐Effect Devices ...
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (16), 3001-3001 (2011)

H. J. Chung  et al.,
Fabrication of Releasable Single‐Crystal Silicon–Metal Oxide Field‐Effect Devices and Their Deterministic Assembly on Foreign Substrates
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (16), 3029-3036 (2011)

D. H. Kim et al., 
Epidermal electronics
Science 333 (6044), 838-843 (2011)

D. H. Kim et al., 
Materials for multifunctional balloon catheters with capabilities in cardiac electrophysiological mapping and ablation therapy
Nature materials 10 (4), 316-323 (2011)

H. S. Kim  et al., 
Self-assembled nanodielectrics and silicon nanomembranes for low voltage, flexible transistors, and logic gates on plastic substrates
Applied Physics Letters 95 (18), 183504 (2009)

T. H. Kim  et al., 
Kinetically controlled, adhesiveless transfer printing using microstructured stamps
Applied Physics Letters 94 (11), 113502 (2009)

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