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D. Kim et al., 
Optimal Bilayer Composites for Temperature-tracking Wireless Electronics
nanoscale, online published. (2024)

J. Chae et al., 
Silk fibroin, sericin and conductive silk composites for skin-attacheable transient electronics
ACS Applied Electronic Materials, accepted. (2024)

D. Kim et al., 
Squid-inspired and wirelessly controllable display for active camouflage in aquatic-environment
npj Flexible Electronics, accepted. (2024)

H. Jung et al., 

Improved frequency performance in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on Si using hydrogen silsesquioxane-assisted gate 
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 170, 107985 (2024)
Roh. Y. et al.,
Crumple-recoverable electronics based on plastic to elastic deformation transitions.
Nature Electronics, 7, 66 (2023)

J. Kim et al., 
Utilization of artifact and noise affected electrocardiogram for simultaneous heart rate computation and motion type inference
IEEE Sensors Conference, Vienna, Austria (2023)

W. Kim et al., 
Flexible and stretchable piezoresistive sensor with decoupled pressure sensing capability
Advanced Materials Technology, 2300068 (2023)

K. Kwon et al., 

A battery-less wireless implant for the continuous monitoring of vascular pressure, flow rate and temperature 
Nature Biomedical Engineering, 7, 1215 (2023)

S. M. Won et al., 

Wireless and battery-free technologies for neuroengineering
Nature Biomedical Engineering, 7, 405-423 (2023)

C. So et al., 

Epidermal piezoresistive structure with deep learning-assisted data translation 
npj Flexible Electronics, 6, 70 (2022)

D. Lim et al., 
Functional encapsulating structure for wireless and immediate monitoring of the fluid penetration 
Advanced Functional Materials, 2201854 (2022)

Y. Roh et al., 
Vital signal sensing and manipulation of a microscale organ with a multifunctional soft gripper 
Science Robotics 6, abi6774 (2021)

A Burton et al., 
Wireless, battery-free, and fully implantable electrical neurostimulation in freely moving rodents
Microsystems & Nanoengineering 7, 1 (2021)

E. Song et al.,
Materials for flexible bioelectronic system as chronic neural interface 
Nature materials 19, 590-603 (2020) 

C.-H. Chiang et al.,
Development of a neural interface for high definition, long-term recording in rodents and nonhuman primates 
Science Translational Medicine 12, eaay4682 (2020)

S. M. Won et al.,
Emerging modalities and implantable technologies for neuromodulation 
Cell 181, 11-135 (2020)

S. M. Won  et al.,
Multimodal sensing with a three-dimensional piezoresistive structure
ACS nano 13 (10), 10972-10979 (2019)

A. D. Mickle  et al.,
A wireless closed-loop system for optogenetic peripheral neuromodulation
Nature 565 (7739), 361 (2019)

S. M.  Won  et al.,
Natural wax for transient electronics
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (32), 1801819 (2018)

S. M. Won et al., 
Recent advances in materials, devices and systems for neural interfaces
Advanced Materials 20, 1800534 (2018)

S. Han  et al., 
Battery-free, wireless sensors for full-body pressure and temperature mapping
Science translational medicine 10 (435), eaan4950 (2018)

S. M.  Won  et al.,
Piezoresistive strain sensors and multiplexed arrays using assemblies of single-crystalline silicon nanoribbons on plastic substrates
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 58 (11), 4074-4078 (2011)

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